NYCFPAC Seeks to Derail Cuomo's Leftist Agenda

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has cut a deal that could have major implications for pro-life, pro-family, and other conservative efforts in New York.

Over the past few weeks, Gov. Cuomo and his surrogates engaged in intense negotiations with the left-wing Working Families Party in an effort to receive its endorsement for the Governor’s re-election bid. At the WFP convention, Gov. Cuomo ended up winning a bruising battle by receiving the votes of 58% of WFP delegates, but only after agreeing to help raise $10 million in support of a Democratic takeover of the State Senate. This represented a major shift for the Governor, who had not previously endorsed the overthrow of the coalition of Republicans and Independent Democrats that currently controls the Senate.

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms PAC—New York’s statewide Christian political action committee—needs your help today to prevent a Democratic takeover of the New York State Senate. While NYCFPAC supports individual Democrats and Republicans that share our principles, a State Senate controlled entirely by Democrats would create disastrous consequences that would be difficult to reverse; those consequences include the Bathroom Bill, taxpayer funding of campaigns, and late-term abortion expansion. The more Senate candidates we can help in the upcoming fall elections, the greater the likelihood that the Governor’s $10 million gamble will not pay off.


Your donation will assist us in supporting candidates who share your principles and will stand for those principles in Albany. With NYCFPAC, you get a lot of “bang” for your buck; unlike many other political action committees, none of the monies we raise go toward salaries or high-priced consultants. NYCFPAC’s leaders volunteer our time to stand for our cause.

To help us stop the far Left from holding sway in Albany, please make a donation today. Thank you.

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