Cuomo's Moreland Morass May Mean More Consideration for Challenger Astorino

The news out of Albany lately is mostly about two things: Governor Cuomo and his Moreland Commission to Investigate Official Corruption.

Earlier this year, the Governor was criticized following his abrupt decision to terminate the operations of the Moreland Commission. U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara was outspoken in questioning whether the Governor’s decision was politically motivated. Last month, a federal investigation into the closure of the Commission moved into a new phase, as the government subpoenaed its first witness to testify before a grand jury. On July 23, The New York Times published a detailed account of instances in which Gov. Cuomo’s aides reportedly steered the Commission away from lines of investigation that might prove disadvantageous to the Governor. Other media outlets have pounced, and the result is a media firestorm that is unprecedented in the history of the Cuomo administration.

In response, the Governor and his allies have argued that the Commission was truly independent, that the Governor did not exert undue influence over it, and that any allegations to the contrary are inaccurate or overstated. Gov. Cuomo’s ever-changing story on the Moreland Commission can be best summarized in the following graphic:



This fall, New Yorkers have a clear alternative to the Governor: Rob Astorino. Mr. Astorino is experienced, competent, and an excellent communicator. He is also pro-life, pro-family, and deeply concerned about religious liberty in America. Here is a sampling of Mr. Astorino’s remarks at a recent gathering of pastors in Harlem:

Well, because my position on marriage, because my position on abortion differs with Andrew Cuomo, he labeled me an extremist…who does not belong in New York… So, when he attacks me, he attacks you… I believe very strongly, and I’m not afraid to say it, I think what is happening today in this country and this state is…any little particle of God is being washed away… And we’ve been silenced, totally silenced, because of what the other side and their aggressiveness is saying… And they’re challenging us every step. And soon, we will be legally not able to say things. The First Amendment is the most important, and it’s being watered down little by little by little.

New York needs Rob Astorino in the Governor’s Mansion. Our state also needs other pro-life and pro-family candidates in the State Legislature. To help replace Gov. Cuomo and elect other like-minded candidates, NYCFPAC needs your support. Please consider supporting us with a donation today. One hundred percent of the monies donated to NYCFPAC are used to further NYCFPAC’s mission: To elect pro-life, pro-family, and pro-freedom candidates to political office in the State of New York. Your support and prayers are greatly appreciated.


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